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Vision Bear, Artist, Instructor & Wellness Facilitator

Vision Bear Vision Bear, who is Mexicatl and Mayan, belonging to the Amantecatl and Tlacatecolotl clans, is a Tepatiani (visionary healer), artist and teacher.  At age five, Vision Bear received the ancestral gifts from his great-grandfather, Don Gaitano Flores, which set his life on a journey of love and pain, of wonder and mystery.  Everyone he has helped carries with them a renewed sense of self.


Vision Bear states, "One does not simply decide what to do in their life, that choice has already been made for us, we only choose to accept it and its challenges." His remarks merely reflect that he knows nothing but Spirit knows all things.  Because of this, Vision Bear is keenly aware that his role during a session is as a facilitator only - all healing comes from the Creator. 


Kim Roberts Meacham, Artist and Studio Manager

Kim Roberts MeachamKim began painting in 2003. Her paintings emphasize relationships and community and are created following the Ehecatl Art process, which is an organic, cooperative method of painting based on balance and integration. The Ehecatl Art also process broadens her meditation practice through a wholistic approach to life and living.


Residing in the Atlanta metro area with her husband, Mauro, Kim is the founder of KRM Solutions Group, a small business marketing consulting company with a focus on compliance and proposal/grant writing. She enjoys being a mother of four, beading, gardening, walking, reading, and writing - when she's not painting.




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